La Chonta is located in the tropical area of Amboró National Park, at 135 km from Santa Cruz and 35 km from Buena Vista.

1) From Santa Cruz to Buena Vista (135km, ≈ 1h30)

– Public transportation with collective taxi  (≈ 20 bol)

  • From the old “terminal de uses” (1st ring of Santa Cruz, Omar Chavez Ortiz Avenue # 111) in daytime and evening.
  • Take taxis that go to “Yapacani” and get off at Buena Vista in the main square
  • You can book the whole taxi (express taxi for you only) from Santa Cruz to Buena Vista (XXX bol)

– Own Vehicle

  • Take the new paved road to Cochabamba up to Buena Vista

2) From Buena Vista to La Chonta (35km)

A Buena Vista, you have to go to the Sernap (park management) to gain permission to enter the park Amboro. This entry permit is free. The Sernap is a block from the main square.

– Public transportation by collective taxi (taxi trufi, 45 min) and community transport by coach and horses (1h30)

  • Ask the taxi to go to “El puerto alcheyo” (Surutu river, ≈ 15 bol)
  • You can take express taxi (book the whole taxi) from Buena Vista to the river Surutu (≈ 50 bowl).
  • From the Surutu river, take “La Chonta” carriage pulled by horses (for details see: Services / Transport).
  • If you call us a few days earlier (67735333 or 73763350 or 6780698) we can arrange all your transportation from Buena Vista with a community guide. Price depends on transportation.

– Own vehicle (4×4 only!)

  • Take the direction of Tercera de Huaitu (20 km).
  • At Huaytu exit, turn right (entrance to La Chonta) until the encampment of La Chonta (15 km).
  • In the rainy season (January to March), the water of the Surutu river grew and crossing is not possible. You have to use public transport with taxi from Buena Vista to the river Surutu and then community transport with horses.